>ženice, da li je ovo najbolja pjesma na svijetu svih vremena???

Posted on January 19, 2011



  • There once was a waitress from the Prince (of) George Hotel
  • Her mistress was a lady was master was a swell
  • They knew she was a simple girl and lately from a farm
  • And they watched her carefully to keep her from all harm
  • Chorus:
  • Singing a bell bottom trousers, coats of navy blue
  • Let him climb the rigging like his daddy used to do
  • The 42nd fussiler came marching into town
  • And with them came a complement of rapists of renown
  • They busted every maiden head that came within their spell
  • But they never made the waitress from the Prince George Hotel
  • Chorus
  • Next came a company of Prince of Wales Hussars
  • They piled into a whore house they packed along the bars
  • Every maid and mistress and wife before them fell
  • But they never made the waitress from the Prince George Hotel
  • Chorus
  • One day came a sailor just an ordinary bloke
  • A bulging at the trousers, a heart of solid oak
  • At sea without a woman for seven years or more
  • There wasn’t any need to ask what he was looking for
  • Chorus
  • He asked her for a candlestick to light his way to bed
  • He asked her for a pillow to rest his weary head
  • And speaking to her gently as if he meant no harm
  • He asked her to come to bed just so to keep him warm
  • Chorus
  • He lifted up the blanket and a moment there he lie
  • He was on her. he was in her, in a twinkling of an eye
  • He was out again, and in again, and plowing up a storm
  • And the only word she said to him was “I hope you’re keeping warm”
  • Chorus
  • Early in the morning the sailor he arose
  • Saying here’s a 2-pound note my dear for the damage I have caused
  • If you have a daughter bounce her on your knee
  • If you have a son send the bastard out to sea!
  • Chorus
  • (Extra verse)
  • Now she sits beside a dock with a baby on her knee
  • Waiting for a sailing ship coming a-home from sea
  • Waiting for the jolly tars in Navy uniform
  • All she wants to do my boys is keep the Navy warm!

znaš li kako ovo zamišljam, ženice?

ovo su ja mislim one mornarske pjesme s irskih i engleskih dokova iz pijanih mračnih krčmi  uz pristanište
 jedan mornar sa drvenom nogom, drugi sa povezom oko oka
treći mršavi stari mornar, sa pogledom hijene , dugim zulufima i krezav, bez pola zuba, najneomiljeniji od svih
 ovaj s drvenom nogom puni lulu duvanom
dok očima prati bacanje kocki na stolu
 a drvenom nogom nervozno lupka po starom brodskom podu
igra se barbut i pije vino iz bokala
dok iza njih za šankom stoji neki
sa frakom i cilindrom
koji je u ime gazde dosao da unajmi mornare za svoju lađu
i odjednom
ovaj sa povezom preko oka
uzima bendžo od gazde krčme
i počinje ovu pjesmu

kakva slika, a?