>Omiljena fotografija i nacin na koji je ja dozivljavam -Monija Radovic

Posted on January 17, 2011



For a long while now I have been looking at this photo and truth be told,it speaks so loud and reaches so deep.
Basic needs and materials from which a person is formed into an ordinary individual is now exposed and revealed.Enter into a messy doom of self sacrefice that we all make sometimes.Sometimes because the cards have been dealt badly and faith wanted to play her little dirty games.Sometimes because change had to be made for life to be given,for a breath of fresh air to be taken.But air was filled with poison and unpredictable realization.Eyes saw nothing more but blur and mute lips spoke no words.Deaf ears heard granting and yelping ,sobbing and despair.Illusions overtake the throne so docile and soothing,at that moment,like drops of heroin fllowing through the veins,spreading like the fog spreads amongst the sea of trees,gentle and familiar.,so needed to numb the reality.Doors open for all to come and explore and smile that lovely fake smile people so often have a need to display.Fasade pilling of at molecular levels,showing off decay of years declared and given in vain.Museum of clothes left in the memories of faithfully thrown out emptiness from her to him,ungreatfull little boy.Her dancing gypsy silk and satin hangs off of the door,ready to charm even dead corps,collecting dust now,so joyfully,finally the game is over.Naked I am before all,naked and cold,alone,I beseech thee ugly ghost of past.Come forth,come strong,come wild on that black Arabian horse of yours.Come forth let it be heard,let it be felt through and through,let it be known,come along the shore of my naked soul.Come bath in the pearls of my solitude in amber of my tears.Come take a drink from the spring of my very being,sip it like the finest wine France has ever made.Ahhh rejuvenate your shallow being with my own,eat the flash rotten and decorated with maggots,much like yourself.Walk through my land that has never been walked on before,step on every blade of my grass,decorated with drops of fresh morning dew.Spill them over your incriminating sadistic feet and hands.Go on splurge in my riches I have kept safe for decades.I beg of you do so with no hesitation.Stop not at no cost.And you do as you have,but now you walked over my bridge and behind you have left just bare bones.Beautiful sight indeed,the bast panorama yet.Walk on the burning bridge that has a gate at the end with wooden doors.Turn not for I never want to see your eyes and snake slitter.I shut the doors and lock all 9 death bolts.In your belly you feel the poison spreading and feelings are finally real.You finally feel death at your feet.Hear me laugh and now turn to panorama.See me standing taller then life,brighter then galaxy,happier then ever before.Hear me sing,Dance me to the end of Love,see me dance with the One,I am one with him,as he is one with me.My you be blessed,may you live on,I salute you,Here Here,