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Posted on January 11, 2011



Since this was created like a manifestation of daily routine and thought I suppose I too should try to considerably  use it as such.I must admit I care not for times when my mind is raising,mostly because in these periods,things make very little sense.Well to me all has its perfect sense and place,to those of you on bleachers,not so much.I try to keep away from the loved once and those few that are allowed near my personal space.
Right now there is a mixed emotion period.I am however placing them in individual bins,that much I can do.Later I will sort through them.I am happy of that I am sure.With it comes strings of other attachments.Some I cut off and let loose others I let hang.What the hell,lets make it interesting.So you little angels of my space,allow me to say a few words to you directly.Let me express my gratitude and otherwise..

I am so greatfull for my dear friend of many years.She is the one that knows how to listen to me and how to respond to me,or how not to respond.Our friendship is so fluid so perfect that if I could I would frame it into priceless gold frame,adorned with pearls,rubies and jade.She is someone I laugh with,and cry with,and someone with whom I can sit in stillness and silence without ever feeling out of place or uncomfortable.We touch on numerous subject in one breath,some relating to topics and others just plain random,yet the composition of the sum still remains sensible.We get it.We follow each others thought.I do love her very much.And I know she loves me the same.Its not sole respect and devotion we share,its everything in its perfect totality.

And to you ,you who should find these words in good faith I would hope,I have much to say.Though I repress it as much as the next person,fumes still menage to ooze out.Damn,it aggravates me.Often you selfish ways get to me.And I dont care to, nor want to accept them ,nor understand them.Instead I crave to be the same.Just to give you a taste of your own medicine.Its bitter.The reason I dont do this is only because if I did there would be no going beck.It would stay as such.It would be a part of me and you then.Stranger in our bed,cuddling under our satin sheets.
I am aware of the fact that there is still much to be learned,much to be rediscovered and comprehended.There is so much space for growth.My tolerance is golden and tough,so much so ,that one takes advantage of it.Remember,this spring can dry out too.Few things are only everlasting.My love is everlasting,even when I take it away.I simply dont want another collision of my heart and my essence ,hence,I protect it.
There is no limits to possibilities .I have no limitations.
My devotion is of long term and is my promise.

To all the other angels that have fallen on the soft cloud of my space,thank you so kindly.Thank you for enriching me with positive emotions and actions.I am truly eternally greatfull.