>From "Mana Keepers" Ano’Ano

Posted on January 11, 2011



Never seek anything.Truth will seek you when you are ready,such is the paradox.And so you listen to the secret language of nature you will become a partner in some deep mystery of life.And you will live totally in the moment rejoicing in the precious here and now.For there is no need to hurry anything.Learn from nature she knows no limits.
But wait without anxiety while everything unfolds in its own time and its own way without pressure of time or worry of age.And know when time stops you stand in the place of God.And you will have hidden dimensions rustling electric in the atmosphere for you will have touched the infinite.Then when you return to the material world you will find a completely different place.
For as you are reborn into the world the world will be reborn into you.And will change because you have observed the simply faith of flowers.