>From Ano’Ano….( za vas koji tezite makar malo za spoznajom,usudite se i procitajte)

Posted on January 11, 2011



Its not required to love everyone but to be in a loving state of mind,not a hating state of mind.For love is breathing of the soul.And you must breath,even if your enemy is there.And in love your spirit can be born.Love is timelessness,thoughts cease.And withouth thinking,in love you are.
And guard against false laws provided by the ego.Think not everyone should love you or that you must not fail.Or that you must worry about problems of another,or that you need a stronger person to rely on,or that you must explain your life to everyone.Free your self from these chains.Face your unhappiness then examine the state with curiosity ,and when looked at truthfully…..it will fade.

For each individual lives in a world of his own making.There are as many words as there are minds,and there are worlds within worlds .Its a multitude of levels apart and yet joined,its a mystery.