>Silant by your side By Monija Radovic

Posted on January 9, 2011



All the things might perish and dissolve

some may stay for a while longer
some may stay for a moment more
but your breath on my skin lingers
like vessels of silver and gold.
Mornings may turn into nights
and rain eventually shall turn into snow
spring leaps on fingers of winter
but waking with you
stays forever long.
Petals of Lotus are gentle and greacfull
your lips still more loving and warm
songs of nightingales are ever so mysteries
but the voice of your heart
is a mystery of its own.
And though you might be far and absent
and though seas crochet paths between us
and dawns have become my carriage of light
there by your side
I still remain silant
with a smile and my hand over your heart.

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